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Our organization has now completed 16 years of serving the Ranui community


Enhanced Care

Since February 2011 we have not only increased the number of registrations in our services (1000 families registered) but we have also increased the intensity of our care for families and individuals who come for help. The Family Mentoring Programme was implemented during January 2011 as an intervention to address the ‘crisis-driven’ lifestyle we had observed in recipients of our food parcels. Modelled on the Ministry of Social Development’s “Strengthening Families” Programme, our Family Mentoring Programme aims to provide an opportunity for people to find direction and stability by participating in a strengths-based process of needs assessment, goal setting and an action plan with review dates and an end date scheduled. This works within a results based accountability framework that is intended to provide reporting of measureable outcomes.

Quality Assurance

During February 2011, we implemented a quality assurance standard for our programmes by becoming an approved organization with Child Youth and Family.

Volunteering Best Practice

Developing further from the Tindall Foundation Capacity Building consultancy that included input from Volunteering Auckland to address recruiting and retention of volunteers, we have participated in a ‘best practice‘ pilot with Volunteering New Zealand, to provide a ‘valuing of volunteers’ strategy. We see volunteers as a vital part of our plan for sustainability of the organization and we must treat them accordingly.

 Peter King

Capacity and Capability

This year we have implemented capacity and capability building strategies to address sustainability of the services we provide.

  • Consolidating community focused services into our Trust to clearly define the community and social services function we provide.
  • Rebranding with the name “Ranui Baptist Community Care” to better reflect our aims and activities.


Current research with a view to reducing our increased reliance on philanthropic funding due to services having expanded to meet demand over the past few years.


  • Reduce exposure and spread risk.


The Trust is developing working relationships with other organizations in the district as part of a strategy to leverage our effectiveness in the community:

  • “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Women’s Centre Waitakere.
  • Foundation member of Ranui Accord